Firstly, only a white person would claim that race has nothing to do with this. We live in a society built on white supremacy. It ALL has to do with race. The same supremacist attitude that causes white people to say that people of color do not really have the deck stacked against them and that they want "special rights" causes people to say that trans folks are not discriminated against and are calling for "special rights." The right to be treated as a human being, to be accorded basic dignity, to live our lives without having to fear for them is not a special right. Should anyone have to fear for their lives just to go to the bathroom (BTW: more trans women are assaulted in bathrooms than cis women).

Secondly, biological sex might matter, but not in the way she says. When was the last time someone needed to see your original birth certificate or what's between your legs to discriminate against you? Does someone discriminate against you because you look and act like what they view as a woman or because you were born with a vulva?

Thirdly, for every rape threat and similar blatant misogyny aimed at her (especially her ex husband's egregiously violent remarks), there have been many responses speaking out against implied violence. When her ex's remarks were published the trans people's voices were a large part of those denouncing him. I'd also like to point out that trans people--especially women--are frustrated at being targets, especially from someone with millions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of followers. Is it right to say things like "suck my dick?" No, it is certainly violent and aggressive. The frustration behind it, though, is certainly understandable. If someone of color were to say, "Fuck white people," would you say they should be excluded because of their violent attitudes? Or would you understand that they are just fed up with being the target of a cruel, racist system that puts them at risk.

Trans people, especially trans women of color, have been targeted for a long time and really don't appreciate one of the most popular writers on the planet saying that they are not discriminated against and that they--just by virtue of being trans--are some kind of danger to other women. This especially when the article that set her off to begin with was about trans and binary people who menstruated but are not women. In other words, she somehow found a way to attack trans women when she had just read about, mostly, something that related to trans masculine people.

And that brings us to fourthly. As I mentioned, the same attitudes that cause white people to say "All lives matter" are the ones that say trans women aren't women and trans men aren't men. Even if you didn't agree with that (and apparently you don't), your assertion that feminism isn't for males seems illogical to me. Isn't the aim of feminism to do away with the institutions and circumstances that lead to patriarchy and a sexist system? If so, can only female people do that?

Along those lines, it seems rather murky as to what would be considered male or female in this case. Are you claiming that trans masculine people (trans men and NB people who identify as masculine) a) can't be feminists or b) aren't male? I'm guessing you are saying b, which is a pretty big F U to trans men and trans masculine folk, just like telling a trans woman she is male is a pretty big F U to her.

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