Gender dysphoria is neither an illness nor a condition. A simple look in the DSM V will tell you that. You could also check with WHO, who also do not classify it as a mental illness. All the mental health professionals (you know, the ones who are considerably more educated in these subjects than you could hope to be) tell us that the best treatment for dysphoria is transition.

As for the study you talk about? Lead author, Cecilia Dhejne has talked many places (most notably this Reddit from 2017) about how the study results have been misinterpreted. Instead of implying that trans people have more problems due to being trans, or that transition is not an effective treatment, the point, she says, was that we need to know more about and be more sensitive to the needs of trans people. This, by the way, is the study I figured you would mention, since it is widely used by anti-trans folks to paint us as mentally ill, without really understanding what Dhejne and her colleagues were actually trying to say.

You started off this conversation by saying something about how those who support trans people are not educated. Considering how little you know about the subject you are commenting about and how uncritically you take on evidence that doesn’t really prove your point, I wonder if you aren’t the uneducated one after all.

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