I know I’m asking for trouble posting here. My would would tell me not to “feed the trolls” by posting a response, but I just can’t resist. I’m sure that denotes some moral failing that some of you will ascribe to trans women in general. Here we go anyway.

Despite what is implied by the propaganda quoted above, trans women do not transition to take advantage of other women or get into women’s spaces for some nefarious purposes. I am not going to take on each and every one-sided piece of “proof” in the article, because I have a life and want to get back to it (and Google is your friend), but suffice it to say that a) rape, sexual assault, pedophilia, and sexual violence of any kind is wrong, no matter who is doing it, and b) sexual violence by trans people is no more prevalent than among the human population in general. Oh, and the idea that anyone would think otherwise and say that it is OK to do that if they are trans is ridiculous. If you have not heard it from other trans people (and I seriously have to ask how hard you looked if not), then you are hearing it from this one. Sexual abuse, sexual assault, and rape are wrong. And illegal. Are there trans people who do commit these acts? There has to be: we are a microcosm of the rest of society and there are definitely people in the larger society who have done heinous things. Is it a function of them being trans? No. Even if every story above is 100% true (and I know that some are at least presented in a biased manner and have to believe some are as accurate as anything Donald Trump tweets) that represents a tiny population of a rather tiny population. Does this somehow mean that trans people (trans women in particular) are to blame because a few people did heinous things? It shouldn’t. Using the stories above to paint a picture of all trans women is like judging all lesbians based on the couple in Brazil who recently beheaded their child because the child had expressed that they were a different gender than the one assigned at birth. I think we can all agree that murdering children (theirs or anyone else’s) for any reason is not part of some trend among lesbians, and that calling lesbians murderous because of the actions of two people would be erroneous.

As for women’s spaces, I just need to pee sometimes. I’m diabetic and I usually have to go more often than a lot of other people. I am not there to look at anyone, or to do anything other than do my thing, wash my hands, and maybe look in the mirror to make sure I didn’t spill coffee on my favorite top (again). Admittedly, this is an easier process now that I have a vulva, but the fact that I did not have it my whole life probably means that most of the people applauding this article and commenting here would still have a problem with me being there. Kind of funny how some people couch their objections to trans women in terms of their penises, but those same people change their tune and cry “mutilation” if the trans woman does not have a penis.

As for sports, well, most trans women are not at the top of their fields in the sports in which they compete, so I don’t see how you can say they have any kind of advantage. If I were to compete (even if I had more than negligible levels of testosterone in my system, which — without testes — I don’t), my gender or the sex I was assigned at birth would be the least of all the factors involved, since I’m 53 and about 40 pounds overweight. Say I were a good athlete (and 30 years younger), though, but just so happened to be trans. By virtue of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), I would have actually less testosterone in my system than most other female competitors. Depending on a lot of factors — how old I was when I transitioned, family genetics, environmental factors like nutrition, and much more — I might not be much bigger than other competitors, either. So, where is the advantage? Answer: there isn’t. Does someone who hasn’t undergone HRT have an advantage against those who grew up with much less testosterone in their system during puberty? Maybe. Certainly many sports organizations think so, which is why the Olympic guidelines for trans women dictate that they have to have been on HRT for a certain amount of time. On the other hand, there is Caster Semenya, who is generally recognized as a woman, but has higher testosterone than her competition. Although Semenya has won when she has been allowed to compete (but not always), she has not generally set records in the events she won. In other words, there was a woman, presumably without as much testosterone in her body, that ran faster than Caster in that event. Therefore, I am inclined to say that she should have the right to compete without hormone replacement. I also think trans women — most of whom have as much or less of an advantage than Caster Semenya in their respective sports — should be allowed to compete.

I know there will probably now be a pile-on, in which I am told I am not welcome to comment here because I am somehow not a woman or some such other rubbish. I don’t really care, though, because I know you can’t judge me or my womanhood with such scant information. Nor does your opinion matter when there are so many people in my life who do see me for who I am. Their opinions are what matter, not yours.

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Educator, writer, LGBTQ+ advocate, avid reader. Novelist in progress. Website: http://janelleswritemind.com/ Empowering the LGBTQ+ community one word at a time.

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